These three kings of orient are
unfairly competing with one little drummer boy,
all dashing through the snow for the last boughs of holly
to lay them before the King.
Meanwhile, three ships come sailing in
and certain poor shepherds leave their hot chestnuts,
all keen to hail the heaven-born Prince of Peace. 
Later, in royal David’s city,
there are ladies leaping, pipers piping
and drummers …
drumming, apparently. 
The restless cattle are lowing big-time;
no wonder the baby’s awake.
All have come to proclaim the Messiah’s birth:
a king-of-angels baby who out-shines any wondrous star. 
A child born of Mary on this most holy night;
born to give us second birth. 
This is the Saviour who is Christ the Lord,
come to redeem us all.
‘Come – receive – your - king.’
Merry Christmas.