Redeemer kids’ work is about more than providing childcare during our Sunday service. It is about creating a space that is safe and inviting for children. Our team of DBS certified volunteers ensure each child has fun whilst making friends and exploring faith together.


Little Fish  (Babies & TODDLERS | 6 MONTHS- 3 YRS)

You are welcome to leave your little ones in the care of trained volunteers whilst enjoying the Sunday service.  Parents with new babies can join in too and there’s plenty of baby gear available to make life easier.


Big Fish (FOUNDATION STAGE 1 and 2/ 3-5years)

Each month we follow a new theme where we listen to a Bible story, sing fun songs, and get stuck into arts and crafts.  We learn to be sociable, play nicely, and get to enjoy a healthy snack together.


MINI HEROES (KEY STAGE 1/ 5-7years))

Packed with fun, storytelling, games, and crafts; a safe space where we are able to explore who Jesus is and why he is relevant to our lives.


SUPER HEROES (KEY STAGE 2/ 7- 11 years)

We let our hair down after a week of school.  It’s a time to make friends, play games, be silly, share news and have our questions answered.  We will read and discuss things from the Bible and learn how to search for things on our own.


Youth (KEY STAGE 3/ 11-14 years & 15-19 YEARS)

Hanging out, making friends and getting to know God. An opportunity for young people to grow in their faith and to ask questions about everyday life. Our year ends with a big week away at


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