We believe life is a team sport – best done together. Get connected at Redeemer by going along to a meetup. 

Meet new people, make friends, grow in faith, and share life together.

Made up of around ten people or so, groups meet weekly for an hour or so in a convenient location.

Once you sign up, your meetup leader will contact you with the time and location.



Got questions? email us meetups@redeemerlondon.org


What if I'm too busy to go to a meetup?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to take part; therefore we've provided a variety of locations, days and timings to try and cater for all schedules and lifestyles. If none of the meetups work for you, please come and speak to us and together we can explore a possible solution.

Can I lead a meetup?

The are lots of opportunities for leadership development at Redeemer, and meetups is definitely one of them. We suggest speaking to your meetup leader and asking whether you can become a coordinator, who assists with the running of the group. We ask everyone to do the role of a coordinator first so that you can better understand what running a meetup is all about. Once you've been a coordinator you'll then be able to lead a meetup the next time around.

Why do we run meetups?

We believe shorter, focussed, termly groups will allow more growth and engagement across the whole of Redeemer in terms of friendship and helping people grow. 

What happens after the nine weeks?

In short, the meetup comes to an end. Of course, over the nine weeks you may have become good friends with others in the group, which means those friendships can continue in an natural way. You might even want to do another one with some of the same people; equally you might just want to get to know more people across Redeemer. By closing the groups after nine weeks we are allowing for both situations. We run meetups three times a year (Spring, Summer, & Autumn) to follow the academic calendar. 

What about prayer meetings?

At the start of every term we have a week of prayer with daily gatherings across Ealing. We expect there will also be times over the nine weeks when your meetup will pray together.

What if my spouse and I want to go to different Meetups?

Great... we encourage you to get involved and go to which ever meetup you want to. There may be times when you want to specifically go to a meetup together; and equally there may be times when there are different meetups that interest you both.

Can I go to two Meetups?

Yes. However, we are asking everyone to commit to attending all nine weeks. If you feel you can do all nine weeks in both meetups then please feel free to sign up to two. If not, we suggest just giving one group the best effort you can.

Do I need to go every week?

Yes. We are asking everyone to commit to attending all nine weeks. We have deliberately given lots of off weeks over the year to give breaks so that we can come back together to give our all to the next nine week term.

Do I need to buy the book?

We suggest checking with your meetup leader before your first week. Many of the meetups do involve purchasing a copy of the book so that you can work through the material together.

Can I bring my kids?

Kids are always welcome at any of our meetups; however some are more child friendly than others depending on time of day and location. We suggest chatting to your meetup leader in advance about how best to accommodate children. 

What if I don't like the meetup I've signed up to?

We encourage you to press on and give it your all for the nine weeks. Please speak to your leader and discuss any issues and we will do our best to make it a great experience. Once meetups have started we don't really want people swapping between groups.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up right here, by selecting the meetup above. You can also sign up on a Sunday by using one of the paper forms.

Can I bring others?

Yes, please invite others that you think would be interested in the meetup. We would encourage them to sign up for the full nine weeks in adavance rather than just turning up for one week. If in doubt, speak to your meetup leader.