The adventure goes far back in time, to when our Creative God made this good, beautiful world and beings like him to populate it - full of creative spark, insightful intelligence and relational to the core. We chose to go our own way, breaking the perfect friendship we'd enjoyed.

But God had a plan. He came into the world to offer a chance to restore that friendship. Instead of accepting the invitation, we chose to kill him, on a cross... a criminal’s death.

But death couldn't hold the Creator of Life! Jesus rose out of the tomb as if getting out of bed and opened the door for all humanity to follow him or go our own way. He is now waiting, inviting each person to make their choice. 

One day, he will perfectly renew the whole earth and his friendship with those who follow him. He sends his Spirit now to envision us with the restoration of good for our world, our relationships and our identity.  Until then, Redeemer exists to invite people to follow him and live whole lives as friends of God.