I love London.

I love half-term holidays!

As a local primary school teacher I like to make the most of my holidays and get out and about as much as I can...

...that as well as a few well-needed lay-ins!

So on Monday I spent the day in Central London with my mum, and we visited the Sky Garden.

The Sky Garden spans the 35th floor of 20 Fenchurch Street (aka the Walkie-Talkie), giving a 360-degree view of our great city.

You do need to book but it is free - the view and atmosphere are brilliant!

We did a complete tour of the inside, then went onto the south balcony to appreciate the London skyline.

We loved spotting as many different landmarks as we could, including:

  • the beautiful St Paul's Cathedral
  • the iconic Big Ben
  • the famous Wembley Arch
  • the historic Tower of London
  • the impressive Shard

As we took in the view, we were reminded that London has some impressive buildings.

It is wholeheartedly a 21st century city, while retaining history stretching back to Ancient Roman times.

A fascinating portrait of architecture through the ages, right before our eyes.

You may love or loathe particular architecture, but you have to admit that we do have a wealth of iconic buildings in our city.

Sometimes it takes a new view and a different perspective to remember it.

When was the last time you simply appreciated the place where you live?

How much do you enjoy sharing experiences with others?

Are you ready to see life from a different perspective?

Every Sunday at Redeemer we take the chance to remind ourselves to look at life from an eternal perspective. Why not come along and see for yourself?