A friend of mine from Redeemer went and bought the latest book of Guinness World Records recently, and unfortunately I knew it was already out-of-date, thanks to Ben Stiller's selfie stick.

But a world record attempt did catch my eye - the record for the most people to participate in a series of pub quizzes.

Steve Pound MP was at the Star and Anchor in West Ealing to see them participate and raise money for Ealing Food Bank.

Yay Ealing!

But it got me thinking.

People love it when they see something done faster, higher, longer, stronger or better than ever before.

I'm the same; I can't help but admire the highest achievers...and compare myself to them.

I find myself watching The Apprentice and thinking I could do better.

Or watching Masterchef and thinking there's no way I'd get any further than figuring out how to switch the oven on (possibly).

So let me give you a way to be a world record holder.

There are more Sam Isaacsons in the world than you might expect, but there's only one of me.

No-one can be me in the way I can.

I hold the world record for being me, better than anyone else ever has or ever will.

And the same is true for you.

I have an offer for you, and a favour to ask.

And they're both the same thing:

Please come and make a world record attempt with Redeemer this Sunday morning.

Bring yourself, your unique personality and gifts, and let us get to know you, a record breaker.