When did waiting become a bad thing?
Having to wait.
Putting plans on hold.
Being made to wait my turn.

None of these immediately fill me with a sense of joy.

In contrast, the activity of watching still holds some positivity for me.

We watch with pleasure as the sun rises rather than waiting with frustration for it to emerge.
We watch excitedly for signs of spring, instead of waiting impatiently.
We watch with fascination as our children's sunflowers grow rather than feel cheated by the waiting.

And now it's advent. A time of waiting. AN EXCITING TIME OF ANTICIPATION. A time to reconsider the miracle of God made man.

So, rather than throw yourself into the mania of the modern Christmas, take the time to enjoy the season of expectation. Relish your participation in the promise.

Watch and wait. Ready yourself. THE KING IS COMING!