Pause to ask "why?"

A one word question can have a big impact. 

Recently at work I've been learning the importance of pausing to ask the simple question "why?". 

Having people around who prompt you to consider a fresh perspective can be a real gift. When we’re blinkered and focusing on the “when” or “how of a project, "why" can sometimes bleed into the background. 

Christmas and New Years busyness requires some moments of pausing to asking “why”. With most of my daily and weekly routine missing, the absence of standard times and places can leave me struggling to find space to pause, including moments to pray and listen to God. Space to just focus and reflect on God has the power to thread Jesus and his good news throughout the season rather than push it entirely to the periphery. 

So, one way to “keep the main thing the main thing” over the next few weeks is fighting to keep time for prayer and waiting on God. Taking opportunities to pray helps with the “why” of the season and feeds to soul. 

There’s still time to sign up for 24 hours of prayer (Friday 6pm - Saturday 6pm) and start as you mean to go on.