Walk On

Life can appear to throw curve balls at times. Conflict can emerge from the most unlikely quarters. Life can be tough.

But here's what I've learned...

It's in your paths' twists and turns, in the unexpected, the unplanned, the inconvenient and in the downright pain in the backside, that you will find grace and direction.  So embrace the God-shaped surprises that you stumble over; laugh with the angels as the next stepping stone seems to shift and stride out knowing that your Father has a plan.

It's at the edge of your comfort zone where God will meet you and where you'll see his hands at work.  So don't hesitate to go there and meet him and marvel at his works.

And take his word as your guide: His written words will sometimes act as a sword to pierce, cutting through unnecessary distractions.  Sometimes his written words will act as spears in the ground to set safe boundaries for you to find confidence as to how far you can go.  But always his written word will provide light for your paths, giving you direction.

So walk on.