It's a New Year and I'm listening to news reports of the on going stand-off between Donald Trump and Congress and again between Teresa May and fellow MPs. Right or wrong, whatever their motivations, people are making a stand. Sometimes we stand up to be counted and we make change happen. Sometimes we stand strong, but find ourselves forcibly moved aside or just ignored.

When we're thinking of making a stand we need to make a judgement call whether we are willing to make the effort, are we ready to accept the possible consequences of our stance? Are you ready to lose your (job, friendship, advantage, stake - insert here) for the sake of speaking out for what's right? To stand for what's true? To support the excluded? To act for something beyond your self-interest? Is this important enough for you?
It's easy to understand why some (most?) take the path of least resistance and least conflict. Least risk. Least pain. Least soul-searching.

But some things are not negotiable. Some things are worth fighting for.






For example, Acts 4 sets out the account of Peter and John having to decide whether to obey the authorities and to stop speaking about Jesus or to continue to speak openly about what they knew to be true. It was a no-brainer:

"Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges! As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

This was no easy thing - there were significant consequences for taking their stance.

So ask yourself: what's important enough for you to take a stand in 2019? How will you respond when it's put to the test?

Standing strong is easier with like-minded people to support you. Find out more at Redeemer on any given Sunday morning at Ealing Town Hall.

We'll stand with you. We'll pray with you and seek God's will in your situation.

We worship a God of change.