Remembering Answered Prayer

This weekend marked our third Sunday morning of Transforming Prayer, and I don’t know about you, I am absolutely loving it! I’ve begun meeting on a Tuesday morning and building community with those in my meet-up, we’ve had some great times of prayer and honest conversation together, sharing our dreams with one another for what we hope God will do in and through us during this time of Transforming Prayer!

Last week we were talking about answered prayer, and how we seem to have new requests to bring to God each morning! Because there are so many new things to ask for, we can often forget that God is answering our prayers daily, often in amazing ways! Together we have made the decision to keep a record of all the ways God is answering our prayers during our time meeting together, and to regularly look back at this list to renew and stir our faith!

But why limit that list to just our own group?! Recently God has been answering prayers, big and small, all across the Redeemer family, and we think that’s something which needs to be celebrated as we continue the Transforming Prayer series! So here’s your chance, if you’ve had a prayer answered, whether it be in the last couple of weeks since we started the series, or whether you have a powerful testimony of answered prayer from earlier in your life, we want to hear from you! 

The power of testimony is huge! It stirs up faith in others, and encourages them to persevere in their prayers, it focuses people’s eyes back on God rather than themselves, and it motivates people to worship the God who answers their prayers. 

If you’ve got an example of answered prayer that you would love to share with us, you can let us know by sending your testimony to It can be a big testimony or a small testimony, no-one is discounted, all answered prayer is worth celebrating! All we would ask that you try and keep it around 350 words maximum (as a point of reference this blog is 364 words long).

We look forward to hearing your stories…