Artisan Live!

Last Thursday saw our second live music event at Artisan Coffee in Ealing! To launch our next Alpha course, which starts this Wednesday, we invited a number of talented musicians, singers and poets to share their talents with us! All this was free, and came with the opportunity to enjoy great coffee served by the fantastic staff at Artisan!

The evening was full of highlights, newly written original songs by Toby Elliott, brilliant harmonies from Meg & Ruth, who joined us all the way from Wimbledon, poetry from Steve Page, a regular contributor to the Redeemer blog, and the unique and beautiful vocals of Yvette Flower! Another new act that performed at the event was On That Note, a barbershop quartet which included Russell Oakley, a member of the Redeemer family who was able to also share a testimony about how much he benefitted from being on the Alpha Course last term! Their medley, which began with a rendition of the iconic opening lines of Bohemian Rhapsody, was a fantastic moment! Kayla & Anna had the whole coffee shop in stitches with their cover of Valerie by Amy Winehouse, which included a personal warning from Kayla of the importance of paying your parking fines!

Also on the night, Sam (our fantastic host) had the opportunity to interview Bronwyn, another member of the Redeemer family, about how her life has been transformed by the Alpha course! She described how her entire outlook on life had changed because she had been given the opportunity to ask questions, discuss with others, and discover a personal relationship with God.

That is the invitation we are extending to you this term, come and join us on Wednesday night at 7:30 at Osteria del Portico, to enjoy great community, great food, and discuss the question ‘Is There more to life than this?’ If you enjoy it, why not come along every week for the next 10 weeks, as we take the opportunity to explore the Christian faith, and see how knowing God personally might transform your life!

You can sign up by following the link below, or just turn up on Wednesday night! I look forward to seeing you there!