Newday Highlights!

A couple of weeks ago, 18 of us from Redeemer headed up to the Norfolk Showground for Newday! A Christian event aimed at 12-19 year olds, where people from churches across the UK and Europe join together to learn about and worship God, camp together and soak in the summer festival feeling. Some of us were young people enjoying the services and seminars, some were youth leaders looking after our young people and seeing them grow, some of us were Zone Hosts, who were in charge of making sure the camping experience went smoothly for over 1000 young people and servers on the Purple Zone!

All of us have highlights from the week, and some of them are listed (or photographed) below!

Amariah - Redeemer Youth

On the first night of Newday I gave my life to Jesus!

Gwen - Purple Zone Host

My highlight was being part of team Purple! It was a joy to work with wonderful young adults, who are so in love with Jesus, and happy and willing to serve him! 

Toby - Youth Leader

It was incredible to be in a meeting with 7,000 young people, hearing people respond to the gospel by shouting ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’, and seeing them run to the front, cheered on by their friends, as they made the best decision of their lives!

Esther-Maria - Purple Zone Host

Waking up each morning to the smiling faces of the zone host team!

Mude - Redeemer Youth

I loved hanging out with the other young people, and being able to help the younger youth explore their relationship with God more, seeing them respond to God during the week was a highlight for me!

Anna - Youth Leader

Getting to know and love the young people, and then seeing them give their lives to Jesus for the first time was an honour and a joy!

Kayla - Purple Zone Host

Hearing over the radio that there was a hedgehog in the showers! Unfortunately this became less of a highlight once I realised what ‘hedgehog’ was code for…

Miguel - Redeemer Youth (joined us from Spain!)

My favourite part of Newday was encountering God’s presence at the big top, and getting to make so many great friends with the church I went with!

Adam - Purple Zone Host

My highlight is in video form…

I’m sure after you’ve heard all of these highlights you will be up for joining us at next year’s event? Well you can sign up already!! Do so by following the link below, or email to ask about serving next year.