Transforming Prayer Poetry - Week 6

This week in our meetups we have been focusing on praying for a breakthrough on our lives and the lives of others around us.

Steve’s latest poem tells a story of that kind of breakthrough we are praying for, a story of bruises, scars, and healing.

Mister New

I see you there
keep looking at me
but I'm not sure 
what it is you see

I'm no-one's 'boy'
I'm not 'hey you'
my name's Mister
it's 'Mister New'

I've got old scars
raw scars too
but I'm not sure 
it's clear to you

wounds can only 
go so deep
there's only so long 
that they can bleed

you might see wounded
see black and blue
but save your pity
that's all about you

I've grow taller 
through broken skin
my roots sink deeper 
than you've ever been

when you're up close
you'll see it's true
my fresh healed skin's
a real break through

I've got a name
so I'd thank you
when you address me
say 'Mister New'