We're Moving! - Planning & Preparation

In the second of our blogs focusing on our Sunday venue move, Toby Elliott looks at the practicals and the logistics, and try and answer some key questions you might have!

I love a plan. Anyone who has known me or worked with me would be quick to tell you that where I go, a detailed spreadsheet often follows close behind… I have come to learn that this is not the case with everyone, but I am happy to tell you that here at Redeemer we have many faithful and dedicated members of our family who play their part in the plan for a Sunday morning service! Many of these people are behind the scenes, and wouldn’t be noticed by those coming through the doors at 10am, but I know that if they weren’t around, their absence would definitely be noticed, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who serve faithfully behind the scenes to make sure Sundays at Redeemer run smoothly!

But what does this have to do with the new venue? Well, on Tuesday night a number of those that serve on or lead Sunday teams met at the University of West London to explore, ask questions, and get excited about our new Sunday venue. We know that moving to a new venue is likely to throw up fresh challenges and new plans will need to be set in place to make sure our Sundays run as smoothly as they always have (I’ve started on the spreadsheet already). Below are some of the questions they asked, questions that you might be asking too. We’ve tried to answer them as best we can so that you have an idea of what Sundays at the University might look like.

Where are we going to meet?

We will be worshipping together on a Sunday morning in the Weston Hall, which is the large lecture theatre in the centre of the university building. Refreshments and the welcome table will be located just outside the hall in the cafe space, with the kids meeting in a suite of rooms elsewhere in the building (more information on that below). You can find a map of the site here.

What security measures are in place?

The university has a dedicated security team that will be present on both entrances to the university site, each entrance is equipped with barriers that the security staff will open to allow people in and out of the building. Everyone who attends on a Sunday morning will need to sign in at the desk, to ensure that the security team know who is in the building if an incident occurs. This means the site is a very safe environment for everyone, especially children and vulnerable adults, however it will be important for parents to stay alert, as there is lots of space for children to get lost in the building!

Will I still get my cup of coffee?

Don’t worry, our refreshments team will still be on hand to provide with that caffeine boost before and after the service! With the larger cafe space outside of the main hall providing the opportunity to sit and chat over a hot drink, while allowing further ministry and prayer opportunities in the main hall for those who may wish to respond to what has been shared during the service.

Where will my children be meeting?

Children up to the age of 11 (School Year 6) will continue to join us for the first 15 minutes of corporate worship. Our children’s groups will then run in another area of the building called the Savoy Suite, which is a short walk away and will be clearly signposted from the main hall. The suite is only accessible using dedicated security passes which will be available to children’s ministry leaders only, meaning that the area will be off limits to anyone who is not part of Redeemer church. Due to the distance between the hall and the Savoy Suite all parents will be required to collect their children after the service, rather than the kids team bringing them back.

What about parking?

There are several residential streets around the university which will have parking available on a Sunday morning, but please make sure you check for any potential restrictions before you park anywhere! There will be dedicated disabled parking spaces available at the university site for those that require them.

Hopefully those questions cover much of what you might have been wondering about the move to the new venue, I’m sure that there will be fresh challenges that we haven’t anticipated yet, but we are very excited to be taking this next step in our journey as a church! Of course, we are not perfect, and it is likely that everything won’t run perfectly smoothly as we get used to meeting in the university, but what I can assure you is that the same faithful servers who have served us so well in the Town Hall will continue to do so as we move into a new venue! They may just require a little extra grace as they get to grips with the new plan.

My final question to ask is - ‘Will God be with us?’

I can answer this with an emphatic YES! We are expecting God to move amongst us in new and powerful ways through this time of transition and in the future, in Exodus 33:15 Moses speaks to God and says ‘If your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here’. As we move we are praying that same prayer, in the knowledge that he will always be with us, as individuals and as a church!

More questions about the move? Contact us at hello@redeemerlondon.org

Look out for the third blog in the series, coming soon, where we’ll talk more about the purpose of the move, and the vision behind it!