Have you ever met a problem that wasn't really a problem, then that became a problem?

Maybe that wasn't clear enough. I'll try again.

Sometimes in life, or marriage, or work, you come across a 'problem'. It's not really a PROBLEM, but now that you've noticed the 'problem', it's definitely a problem. So you stop doing everything else to look at the 'problem'. And now that's the PROBLEM. The original 'problem' is still a problem, but it was never a PROBLEM until you identified it as a problem! (Breathe.)

Or let's use an analogy, for no other reason than to use the word 'problem' less.

A train is charging across Europe at 150mph. For some unknown reason, someone has built a brick wall across the track - concrete, steel reinforcements, the whole shebang. And the train ploughs straight into it.


The train is slowed, ever-so-slightly. And there are some scratches. But no-one was hurt, the wall is no more, and the train is continuing towards its destination.

The wall was real, but the train's momentum carried it straight through.

Imagine the train was stationary by the time it reached the wall - there's no way it would have even started moving because of the wall - in fact, if the wall were removed but a single brick had been left in the way, the train would struggle to set off.

We all encounter problems in life. Some are our own fault, some are forced upon us by others, and some are just bad circumstances.

And we have a choice to make: will we plough through them at 150mph, or will we slow down, stop, and turn the 'problem' into a PROBLEM?

John Maxwell, the well-known leadership coach, said:

Managers try to solve problems; leaders try to create momentum.

When you have enough momentum, even the largest problems seem inconsequential - the real question is how to create momentum.

Let me give two ideas:

  1. Constantly think about where you might get to. The train is focussed on only one thing: reaching its destination. What would happen in your marriage if all you ever dreamed about was your spouse's happiness? Let me tell you, they'd get happier, because like it or not you'd start to act on that thought!
  2. Just keep moving. We tend to think that action is caused by momentum, but logically this simply isn't right! Start acting on top of the dreaming; the results - the momentum - will develop, and the problems will pale in comparison.

Of course, the best way to learn is to get experience.

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