The best September weekend in Ealing

The last few months at work I’ve been in some great training sessions.

(And some pretty dull ones.)

But I love looking forward to getting out from behind a laptop and getting up-skilled - I enjoy the feeling that I’m developing and growing.

Even more fun for me is having a chance to deliver some training! I get to take time out of the office to pass on business concepts, or share experiences and tips.

When it goes right, it can be a pretty satisfying day.

For me, the dream scenario is receiving training where there’s not just some bullet points on a slide, but a big slice of passion from an inspiration facilitator. Learning like that feels like something you want to do every day - sessions where there are light-bulb moments, people suddenly have ideas spinning around their heads and can’t wait to get to use them.

So I can't wait for September, when Redeemer is hosting a fantastic speaker, Tanya Walker, for two mornings of top quality, inspirational training and resourcing on the topic of Christian Apologetics!

And you’re invited, free of charge.

This isn’t a weekend to be missed if you want inspiration, to develop, and if you enjoy light-bulb moments.

The topic ‘Apologetics' gets its meaning from the Greek apologia, meaning a ‘reasoned defence’, and Tanya is an expert in addressing some of the key questions and objections commonly levelled against the Christian faith. She runs training across Europe as part of RZIM Zacharias Trust, and excels at developing others to communicate their faith in an era where authors like Richard Dawkins top the best seller lists.

From 9:45am on Saturday 10 September at Ealing Town Hall, Tanya will be sharing her passion for defending the Christian faith, and teaching sessions on giving a counter-claim to modern-day secularism (trust me, it’s going to be an inspirational start to your weekend).

Then on Sunday 11 September she will be speaking at the weekly Redeemer Sunday service (10:30am, Ealing Town Hall), tackling a big topical issue head-on. 

See you there!

Read more about Tanya Walker here.