There are certain people that I enjoy being around more than others. Without fail, if asked to describe them, one word that would come up repeatedly would be kind.

I’m trying to teach my children to be the best people they can be. More often than not, I find myself saying to them, ‘Please be kind to one another.’

Last week, a video emerged of a young boy. About the age of one of my sons, he was being carried out of a pile of rubble (presumably his house), shocked into numbness.

His face shows no panic or pain, despite the chaos around him and the blood flowing down his face from his head wound.

His completely neutral expression as he sits still in the ambulance is one of the most upsetting sights I can remember ever having seen.

And I found out this morning that his older brother has since died.

I understand the whole world doesn’t agree on everything, and that has led to conflict. But as I see images and stories revealing the true horrors of those conflicts’ results, I’m ever more convinced that building walls and attacking those who are somewhat unlike me doesn’t make the world a safer place.

Put simply, I wish that the world was kinder to each other.

I feel indescribably helpless when it comes to the Middle East – I have too little knowledge, and too little influence. But what I know is that I can be kind to those who are in my life, and pray that others will do the same.

Who wants to join me?

The Bible tells us that one of the fruit of the Spirit is kindness. In other words: if I try to be kind, I will fail. But if I look to God for everything, kindness will grow naturally.

Please gather with us on Sunday, to receive from God and to practice kindness to one another and the whole borough!