I read this in a prologue to Dylan Thomas' collection of poems. This contains all the poems he wished to preserve around a year before his death:

"Some of them I have revised a little, but if I went on revising everything that I now do not like in this book I should be so busy that I would have no time to try to write new poems."

Dylan Thomas wrote some of the most moving and mesmerising poetry and prose - and he would have tinkered with them had he allowed himself to focus away from new ideas.

I take 2 lessons away from that.

Lesson 1

You may never be fully content with what you have created, be it a song, a piece of art, an essay, a photograph. But that doesn't mean others will not consider it beautiful and place great value it. 

Lesson 2

You may never be fully content with who you are. 
But that does not mean you are not beautiful to those around you, 
That does not mean that you do not have purpose. 
That does not mean you have not brought hope and joy to others.

Whilst it is true that God does not leave you in draft form and you will always be on your way to perfection, it is also true that you are most excellent.  
He has created someone wonderful in you. You are fit for the purpose he has for you right now.

So don't spend so much of your time adding finishing touches that you fail to celebrate what you have created and what our Creator has crafted in and through you.

You are splendid. Celebrate that.