Let me share just some of the thoughts I had when watching athletes perform during the Rio Olympics:

  • Hugely inspiring
  • Mega moving
  • Totally immense

My wife got so into the event that she woke up in the middle of the night, and slipped downstairs to watch the TV and cheer on and enjoy a memorable race.

Each person taking part put in hours of training, over years and even decades. There have been personal and family sacrifices made so they can represent their country and achieve a personal best.

The whole thing was so inspirational - the greatest show on earth!

But is this something that just satisfies us while safe on the sofa?

Will we get up and give sport a go?

I love the idea that ‘I am Team GB’.

ITV shut down for an hour on Saturday - Emmerdale and Coronation Street encouraged people to give sport a go. Many athletes encouraged anyone and everyone to participate.

Having heard the worrying facts about childhood obesity, surely this must not just be one hour, but something that for many of us must become a lifestyle. The Government is encouraging all school children to do 30 minutes of exercise a day at school and the parents to promote another 30 minutes at home.

Nike has been telling us since 1988 that we must ‘Just do it’.

What holds you and me back?

What other area of your life have you thought, planned or purposed to give a go…but have never got round to it?

Let me extend this - have you ever properly asked:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Does prayer work today? 

Delay no longer!

May I invite you to come and visit Redeemer this Sunday.