Last month I spent a week at Newday festival in Norfolk. We were under canvas with around 1,000 other adults creating a safe place for over 5,000 12-18 year olds from churches across the UK (and a couple from the Netherlands).

A space to worship, pray and celebrate, and to learn about a God who is alive and fully relevant to their lives.

I found it a great privilege to be there. It was hot and sunny, and windy, and the positive attitude of everyone I met spoke volumes of their faith and passion for Jesus.

I wrote this while lazing under a tree thinking through what I had seen.


This is what you came for...
Queues for showers
while you chat.
Hedgehogs and balloons
both going splat.
High-flying paint
on winds of change.
Great food smells
and others more strange.
Volley ball pitches
expanding as needed.
Praying for others,
strongholds defeated.
Songwriting and painting
on paper and faces.
Dodgems and climbing,
voices and praises.
This what you came for -
A Newday Generation.

If you have children that qualify by age, or if you have a week that you can give to helping make Newday happen, I recommend it.


Please ask for more information at Redeemer on any Sunday at Ealing Town Hall 10 am.