This advent and Christmas they'll be a lot of partying going on. Friends and family celebrating life, love and friendship.  For some it will be a joyful time and an opportunity for a family break.  For others it will be tough as the weight of troubles are considered through a fresh lens.
For both, without an understanding and experience of the love and life Jesus brings, without the family of God, Christmas will lack an essential ingredient.  
This Christmas I wish you each a chance to spend time with those who love you with no strings attached.  And I pray that the Christ of Christmas will come and bring with him love, new life and family that will change your life forever.

Here's what I believe: 

I believe baubles have way too much glitter,
that another new year won't make it all better.

I believe turkey tastes bland without stuffing,
that my secret santa was better than nothing,

that rich Christmas pud needs plenty of cream,
that thin paper hats are as cheap as they seem.

I believe parties can get out of hand,
that still silent nights need to be planned.

I believe Christmas can bring people down,
that relentless fake smiles hide many a frown.

That without the real Jesus it's a real waste of time,
that if He was here He'd call it a crime:

The way we ignore those under our feet,
the times we brush past the poor on the street.

Jesus just cries to see our behaviour,
so far from the path He set as our Saviour.

So this Christmas ask Jesus to soften your heart.
He'll give you forgiveness and bring a fresh start.

You can live with new hope and sing with new meaning,
don't waste any more time with any more dreaming.

Happy Christmas to all and to all my best wishes.
May your Christmas be more than merry wet kisses.

May the God of this Christmas visit this year
and give you good reason to be of good cheer. 


By Steve Page

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