Week of Prayer

They say the most widely spoken prayer in modern life is simply “help me God”. All sorts of people say it, whether they believe in God or not. It’s a prayer which is prayed at different times, in different situations!

Personally, I find more time to pray early in the morning or later in the evening. It seems more natural to pray when I have time to reflect.

We know that God hears all our prayers and at Redeemer for a week every term we put a particular emphasis on meeting and praying together as a church community. Next week is that week!

Whether you are free in the evenings, or the mornings, or you want to get involved in our 24 hour prayer room, there is something available for you next week. Ealing is a very busy place, but I can assure you taking an hour out to pray with others will impact your week in a hugely positive way!

You will be welcome no matter what your situation, life experience or whether you believe in prayer or not. A prayer life can simply start with “help me God”.

To sign up for a slot in the 24 hours of prayer follow this link:

For information on all of the prayer meetings next week check out the calendar section of the website: