Join a Meetup! - Step Up - Mondays - 8pm

Here at Redeemer we recognise that we are not just a random group of individuals brought together by a shared interest in Jesus, but that we are a family of believers, and that being part of community is a crucial part of our life as Christians. That’s why we run meetups every term, to grow in our faith, to develop genuine friendship, and to encourage others to join our family.

Today sees the start of a new blog series, highlighting the meetups that we will be running this term!

First off it’s Step Up, which is being led by Sam Isaacson.

The modern world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

How do you lead yourself and others in this challenging environment?

Come along to my meetup to pick up a full toolkit of life hacks that will help you understand yourself better, be more effective in work and life, and positively influence people.

It will be an absolute blast!

Sam Isaacson