Solo or not so solo

Everyone has a back story, an origin tale.  
That new guy at the office, the single mum who moved in next door, the woman who just opened your newest local coffee shop: they each have a back story.
I went to see 'Solo' this weekend and we heard how Hans got his name, we saw Hans meet Chewy for the first time (mud and chains are involved) and we got to know Lando a little better (he has a lot of capes). Okay, it's not up there with The Force Awakens, but it's a very entertaining film and touches on key aspects of Hans' character, giving fans much to talk about.  ( The question of 'did he draw first?' is revisited which got us talking to a complete stranger on the way out.)
I've got a back story too.  I'm in my fifties and have a definite 3 act story line playing out.  But I get to chose who I tell that story to, who I share my defining moments with.
One of the places I get to do this is at Redeemer, my local church in Ealing.  Whilst it's still true that only my God knows the full story, I can say that I've found honest people with whom I get to reveal the cards held close to my chest, share my tears and disclose my scars. 
It's my prayer that you too will find a community in which you can tell your story: the mud, the chains and those capes. 
May God's grace be with you.