Church with colour

Ealing is a magnet for the world, with over 170 nationalities represented within its borders.  From WWII Polish refugees to millennial Syrians.  Each community has made a home here and has added its culture, its recipes, its colour, its recipes, languages, its recipes, its traditions and its recipes to the existing smorgasbord that is London.

The family of Redeemer London reflects some of this smorgasbord - it's one of the things I love most about getting together on Sunday mornings. 

This Sunday (20 May) we'll be celebrating this multi-national nature of our church with many sporting their national dress.  You'll be most welcome to add to the colour.  Meanwhile, here's my personal manifesto for an international church.

"I believe in one international church. I believe in an inter-racial and unbiased church of many nations.  I believe in one church of many traditions.  I believe in one church not hemmed in by history or by man-made borders.  I believe in a God for whom his pallet of skin colours reflects his love of diversity.  I believe in God-given racial differences.  I believe in one creator God who made all mankind equal.  I believe in a church that reflects her maker's love of difference.

"I do not believe in uniformity.

"I believe in the common language of love for one another, for neighbours and for enemies that transcends local dialects.  I believe in one sundry collection of priests who are called to serve one God together, saved by one sacrifice once and for all time.  I believe in the promise of a resurrected church drawn from all generations to meet her bridegroom.  I believe in one eternal wedding feast which features everything from the finest vegetable samosas to the richest steam puddings.  I believe in one extravagant Father who has built one massive mansion with many rooms so all his people can come and dwell together.

"I believe in God's - Kingdom - come. "