So, how do you serve?

On Sunday Pete was talking about how we serve.

Japanese football supporters do it by clearing rubbish at the end of each match and see this as a way of honouring their hosts and being good guests.
My mum did it by being the trusted arbitrator in our street, bringing harmony to her neighbours and offering pots of tea as balm to hurt feelings.
My sisters and I do it by caring for my mum as she struggles with dementia, patiently reminding her who she is and taking the blows and harsh words with good grace.
My team mate at work does it at a local school, helping kids to improve their maths and reading skills, giving up her lunch hour to give something back. 

It's part of our God-given human nature to reach out into our community and offer a helping hand, to give time to those who ache for an empathetic ear, to offer respite to those travelling through troubled times.

Jesus led by example and stated his position clearly - he said that he came to serve.  And to hammer the point home he knelt down and washed each of his disciples' dirty feet despite their protests. Even the feet of Judas.

When Jesus taught he distinguished between those who follow him by how they serve, because by serving the weak and disadvantaged they are serving and loving him.

So, ask yourself: how do I serve?


"When you serve,
start with the feet.

And when you serve,
get down low
with a towel and a water bowl.

And when you serve,
find your honour not over,
but under.
Not higher,
but lower.
Not first,
but last.

So when you serve,
don't wait your turn,
but push your way
right to the back.
And there you'll find
nothing to prove,
nothing to hide
and nothing to loose
but your pride.

Yes, you heard,
when you serve
observe his example:
Undo a sandal
and start with the feet.
And there you will be blessed."