I work in a large firm.

3,000ish staff.

I've been here for 21 years now, which regularly raises eyebrows. Is it lack of imagination or perhaps lack of ambition on my part? Neither, I just enjoy my work.

But I need to watch myself, make sure I'm not limiting my options.

I'm conscious that sometimes it's all too easy to look on at colleagues who've made a successful career move and discount myself from a similar move.

Is it just the risks involved with moving that have made me decide that it isn't for me?

(One of my former colleagues is now acting CEO here, another is 'vice-president' at a big bank.)

When opportunities come up at the office, I find myself wondering: Is it a career-limiting task that'll set me up for a fall? Or is it a chance to break out of a rut?

When I have a chance to move on, I ask myself: Is it just that the grass tends to look greener or is this the opportunity of a lifetime?

Sometimes the offer of change comes from a long respected colleague, and so the trust they show in my abilities (which far exceeds my own) is enough to prompt me to take the plunge.

I'm challenged by the decisions that the first disciples of Jesus took when faced with change.  He asked them to uproot from their established career choices and to trust him to lead them on a more worthwhile (but untested) path.

Here's what I imagine might have gone on in one of the young disciples' heads at this crossroads.

'His father must be WELL pleased.
What dad wouldn't be? He's learned a trade, been good to his mum, and remembered what his dad taught him: Treat everyone with respect. 
He's got a good 'ed on his shoulders, does Jesus. Always did. Caused him a little trouble in his younger days mind; other kids didn't know how to take him. But his good nature won out; he was well liked by those who got to know 'im. A solid bloke.
And now he's off on his new venture. It's good to take risks every now and then, get out yer comfort zone, cut off the old apron strings. 
He'll need some good people around him mind, guys he can trust. You know what I mean - solid, with the right attitude. I mean, stands to reason someone with 'is vision won't wanna take on any old Tom, Dick or 'arry. He's got his reputation to think of. 
I wish him well, losing his step dad early like that, guy deserves some better days.
'Ere he is now, "Nice to see yer, squire...
"Wassat you say? Who, me? No mate, you're 'aving a laugh.  I'm not your entrepreneurial type. Got family commitments, my dad's business. I know it's not much, but it's...
"Really? You sure? ...

"Course I trust your judgement, it's just a little unexpected...

"Well in that case, it'll be an 'onour, sir.  Lead the way.  
"By the way, can my bruvver come?" 

Ring any bells?

When you are faced with life changing decisions, how do you respond?

  • Do you consider the benefits or the costs first? What wins out?

  • Do you have someone you can trust to help you decide?

Try Jesus, his judgement can be trusted.