Dear Redeemer,

I've never learned so much.

The last 18 months I have been surrounded by the energy and pace of Redeemer Church London. I’ve seen everything behind the scenes; the hard work, the passionate hearts and all the fun! From leaflets to videos, from the prayer ministry to the connections team, from organising huge events like Carols to just having a coffee with one of God’s precious kids. It’s been a blast.

I’ve never seen a Church that has such a urgency to reach out; Redeemer is hungry to impact people, to grow, host and bring others into a relationship with Jesus. The events like Little Fish, Carols, the Running Meet-up and an all year round Alpha aren’t just for fun - they are all charged by the desire to show people that Jesus is for you and wants to live in your heart. This church provides such a warm, welcoming open door to those who have never experienced Jesus before.

There is a rich foundation of community and love amongst the people of Redeemer that just oozes family. There is a solid bridge between the diverse generations and a beautiful mix of cultures and ethnicities that feels like peace, sounds like a friend and surely is a taste of heaven.

Megan and I have felt part of something huge, something that has a long and strong destiny. At only five years old I just know that Redeemer has loads more in store, this is merely the beginning. 

Some of my own highlights from the last year and a half:

  • Leading the ‘Activating a Supernatural Culture’ Meetup in our living room, developing deep relationships that we will never forget.
  • Preaching my first ever sermon about my story and how God speaks.
  • The giant temporary office at Exchange Plaza! Hilarious space given to us by God.
  • Learning from Pete and the Advance Church Planting team down in Cornwall for a week.
  • Organising the 2018 Carols; a beautiful looking, great sounding event despite the busy period.
  • Baptising so many, including my friends Mak, Sunny and Brooksy.
  • Moving the Redeemer staff into the new office on Bond Street - pop in for a cup of tea with Pete and Rach anytime! I love those guys!

Of course there is loads loads more. But my true number one highlight is the time I’ve spent doing life with my brothers in Christ - I’ve got to know them so well, prayed with them, cried with them and journeyed with them. We’ve taken huge steps toward the heart of the Father and learn’t about who we are in Christ, that’s called church. Thanks lads, you know who you are!

Finally I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being so lovely, so kind, so full of the joy of Jesus. Pursue that intimate, raw and vulnerable relationship with your best friend, Holy Spirit. Walk closely with each other as you do, share the blessings and share the struggles, hug each other and feed each other. Shine like Jesus shines.


Let’s go change the world,

Joseph x



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