As teens we go through a lot, we’re a lot more emotional and there will be a lot of bumpy roads ahead and there will be times where we will hit rock bottom and think that there’s no way out. There is always a way out.

I’ve been through many many struggles and it’s gotten to the point of self harming and also attempting to take my life. Fortunately, I’m still here. I’m so thankful that I am because I’ve met incredible people along the way and my life has gotten better compared to how it used to be. If you’re going through depression or self harm then, please know that you are LOVED & BEAUTIFUL! You don’t deserve to go through this pain. Just know it is temporary and things will get better. When I was depressed and I was self harming, I wanted to isolate myself and stay away from people but I knew doing that would make me feel a lot worse. I was bottling up so much and at that point I had to speak to someone. I did reach out to family and that’s including my church family too. I was speaking out to people who I trusted and felt comfortable around. Doing this lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders. Even though I was still hurting, I felt a lot more lighter and felt like I had nothing to hide anymore.

Also, I am a strong believer in Christ and praying daily and pouring my heart to him is something that helps me incredibly. Not only did things start getting better as time went on but I built such a close relationship with God and knowing that with him anything is possible is very reassuring. As I mentioned before, life will get better, you just have to have hope. There will of course be obstacles and things will try and bring you down but that’s how the devil works. We just need to stop backing away from God and remove whatever is blocking your way to chase God. He’s opening new doors for you, he has a plan for you (which is even quoted in the bible) “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11.

So, this is what I have to say to anyone who may be going through a tough time and if you’re bottling your emotions up then, it’s best to speak out to someone you are comfortable with. I promise you, you will feel a lot more better because you’re finally letting everything out. Speaking to someone may sound lame but it’s so helpful. Another thing to do is distract yourself. You can chill with your mates, watch a movie, go shopping.. Just do something that will help take your mind off the negative thoughts. For me personally, hanging out with my mates helps take my mind off anything bad that might be going on. It’s because i’m surrounded with people I know who care and who I’m happy being around. That’s another thing, surround yourself with positive people, that’s key. It makes such a big difference.

It may seem like you’re getting nowhere in life and you’re giving up but God will open doors for you. You just need to pray about it and have faith. This feeling of hopelessness, loneliness, sadness etc will pass and you will find yourself walking on the right path again.

Talk to people, pray about it and try keep your head up! ♡

Lyds x